RUGS 101

rug cleaning

A rug is an expensive floor covering which protect the floor from dust and soil. It absorbs a heavy portion of dust particles from shoes and footwear and our room will be dust free. By the continued absorption of dust and soil, the chances of deep-seated dirt in the rug is very high. So it is very important to clean them when you feel it is dirty.

There is a set of standard cleaning procedure for professional rug cleaning. Below is a discussion of some simple steps to get your rugs looking clean and new. Some even a regular domestic user can apply them when one is looking for their ends meet;

The easiest method of rug cleaning is vacuum cleaning. Using a proper vacuum cleaner we should clean our rugs in a regular period of time. Depends on the dust absorption we should clean them from once in a week to daily basis. For domestic users once in a week is enough to prevent the accumulation of soil and dust in the rug. Rugs in office need to be cleaned on a regular basis due to the heavy traffic.

The major attraction of vacuum cleaning is that it is easier compared to other methods and there is no need of drying and removing. Also, this method is Eco-friendly as it does not need any kind of chemicals.

The second method of rug cleaning is washing your rugs with pure water. To remove fresh stains on it we need to wash our rug with pure water and apply a thick cloth over the stain. It is better to apply some weight to the cloth and let the cloth on the stained rug for one night.

A major portion of stain will be absorbed by the cloth. If the stain or dirt is so deep-seated in it you may need to apply a mixture of water, vinegar, and proper rug cleansers to remove it from the rug.

This mixture is more effective than just washing with pure water. To select the best cleansers for your rug you should always ask to advise from a professional rug cleaner. Cleaning your rug with improper cleansers can damage your rugs so you should be very selective in picking right cleansers.

Another important cleaning method is dry cleaning. Here you should sprinkle this cleaning powder over the rug and brush it properly for one or two hours. This process will let the dry cleaning substance to soaks up stains and deep-seated dust.

Now you need to use a vacuum cleaner to clean your rugs. You should make sure that the dry cleaning powder is removed from your rugs properly by cleaning it using a vacuum cleaner.

Method one and two needs no special skills or knowledge in rug cleaning but other two require some experience in rug cleaning process. You should always seek advice from rug cleaning experts about selecting the proper rug cleansers and dry cleaning kit for your rug. After all different rugs have different cleaning methods as prescribed by the drug manufacturer.

When you are doing rung cleaning services, it is important to hire expert professionals for rug cleaning services.They add the amazing look and feel to your living place because of the splendid service they provide to their customers. Once you’ve purchased high-quality rugs for your home, you would need to hire experts for rug repairing and restoration from time to time to maintain them while avoiding costly damages.

Though rugs add warmth, they get dirty and need to be cleaned often. When the rugs are cleaned, they will restore their original form and add beauty to your home. Rug cleaning should be done professionally.

So, if you are need to clean your rug , you should look for professionals offering such services at affordable rates. Some homeowners make the mistake of trying to clean the rugs at home with the help of a vacuum. If you have pets at home, it is essential to hire experts for rug cleaning.

How to hire experts for rugs cleaning

The only way to maintain the rugs is to hire professional individuals or companies for the cleaning job. The Internet can be the best source to search for such service providers for rug repairing and restoration services. It is advisable to contact a few companies and get quotes from them. You can compare the estimates and choose to hire the best one that matches your exact requirements and budget.

There are some carpet cleaning companies that provide discounts and promotional offers too. You can check the special offers they are running and save a lot of money on rug cleaning services.

Hiring a company offering environment-friendly cleaning services

Some carpet cleaning professionals make use of natural and safe cleaning products that won’t be harmful to your pets or children. They make use of minimum amounts of chemicals to eliminate the risks. Before hiring rug cleaning company, you can ask what type of products do they use. It is recommended to hire professionals who make use of non-toxic materials.

Do not hesitate to ask the questions when you are hiring carpet cleaning companies. You can ask them about their experience in the industry, their teams, and price. Hire a service provider that is fully insured. As most of the carpet cleaners offer round-the-clock assistance, you can hire them and fix up an appointment as per your availability and convenience.

Whether you want to hire carpet cleaning companies for the one-time job or a long-term contract, make sure that you hire experienced and expert service providers offering high-quality cleaning services.

Most of the rug cleaning companies have an online website along with the contact details. You can make calls and get an idea about their services and charges for rug cleaning solutions. Read the client testimonials and hire a reputed agency for removing the dirt and grime from the rugs.

Therefore if you need to be provided with elegant service it is recommended that you choose run cleaning professionals to perform you task.